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Dining at Vishranti

What is it that makes the Vishranti dining experience so exotic and exemplary? We can write an entire treatise for you on the subject. However, in the interest of brevity, the genuine soul of wit, let us tell you what one of the finest vacation resorts in India can offer you once you arrive for your perfect getaway.

Your Resort Manager can serve you where you wish. Enjoy a romantic candle lit dinner with your significant other or an outdoor lunch in one of our many gardens. Your morning tea can be served on the verandah classic British style as you relax on one of the antique armchairs with footrests.

Go out on an excursion of the resort since there is plenty to check out and we will even pack a mouth-watering picnic for you in a wicker basket. We heartily welcome families and groups at Vishranti because life isn’t about playing it solo. It is about frolicking in company.

Many five star vacation resorts in India offer a formal dining experience complete with the ambience of a royal dining room. Vishranti is no exception. WE have not one but several choices for you and these aren’t just options because you can visit all of them during your vacation at Vishranti one day at a time.

  • Home style restaurant which a journalist from India Today Magazine endearingly called The Blue Room
  • The Brigadier’s Bar where you can relax in the very lap of nature clearly visible in all four directions
  • Holdy’s Pub which is a humble salute to our historical past

Organic Vegetable of the Day

Vishranti is surrounded by Madhyant Farms, the most famous organic farm in the region from where organic produce is served in the homes of the rich and the famous all over the country. Pick your own vegetable selections and our chefs will serve up a dish to remember for a lifetime. No other vacation resort in India can offer you freshly plucked off-the-tree organic produce from its own farm and that’s just one more reason why you should plan a holiday at Vishranti.

Convinced finally? Head on over to our handy reservation form and tell us when you are coming so that we can get the red carpet ready for you. As always, feel free to write or call for more information. We will greet you in perfect King’s English and answer all your questions courteously.